Iranian women have won the right to have custody of boys up to the age of seven, giving divorced mothers the same rights over their sons as they do over their daughters.
Most of these studies, including writings by this author, have adopted a broad historical, political, or sociological lens through which gender relations and the concerns of women of the region have been analyzed. In this article on Islamist women of Iran, however, I wish to adopt a somewhat different perspective. I am not looking at rank-and-file women who, willingly or not, acquiesced to the Islamist movement after the 1979 Revolution.
Women all around the world have warmly welcomed the award of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer.
Assadollah Badamchian, homme politique conservateur a qualifié le prix d'"infamie" ajoutant que Mme Ebadi avait été récompensée "pour les services rendus à l'oppression et au colonialisme occidentaux".
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian campaigner for human rights.
An Iranian woman is about to be executed for killing a police chief who allegedly tried to rape her, according to Amnesty International.
Women in Iran Monthly Edition in English is an abridged version of Women in Iran in Persian.
A bill calling on Iran to join an international agreement on women's rights has been rejected by the government's supervisory body.
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