Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has appointed a Jewish woman as envoy to Washington - the first Jew in the Arab world to become an ambassador. Local human rights groups, however, raise concerns.
Bahrain could be the first among several Persian Gulf states to appoint a Jewish woman as the country's ambassador to the United States.
Bahrain has no written personal status law. Instead, separate Sharia-based family courts for Sunni and Shia Muslims hear marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance cases.
La justice du Bahreïn, qui devait juger à partir de ce mardi 29 janvier un religieux de renom, pourrait reporter le procès au 10 février.
Testimony of Ghada Jamsheer given to the Conference on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, held in November 2007.
Bahraini Special Security Forces and National Security suppress peaceful demonstrations; Women's Petition Committee condemns the attack on women at the General Prosecutor's.
Front Line reported their deep concern following the arrest of eleven human rights defenders and the alleged torture and ill-treatment of a number of those arrested.
Les islamistes accusent le gouvernement de porter atteinte à l’islam et au Prophète.
The World Association of Newspapers has joined an international appeal, calling for freedom of expression in Bahrain. The initiative was launched by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.
The president of the Women's Petition (WP), the Bahraini activist Ms Ghada Jamsheer revealed the existence of a formal decision preventing her from appearing in any of the Bahraini media.
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