In the 'new Iraq' beloved of Bush and Blair, women can be arrested just for complaining.
Women in Iraq are living a nightmare that is hidden from the west. Now one has turned film-maker to give us a window on to what they endure.
This report tries to tackle some of the myths, misconceptions and even outright lies about Iraqi women’s roles and rights.
"There is chaos in Iraq now, and there is danger everywhere," 27-year-old Nora Ahmed told IPS. The situation has gone "from bad to worse, and only when the occupation ends, women in Iraq will be in a better situation," said Fatima al-Naddaf.
Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has seen a proliferation of female journalists and radio programs focused on women's issues. Three female talk show hosts visited New York to hone their skills with U.S. talk radio pros.
A study of the Iraqi Constitution and the international obligations of Iraq under CEDAW with specific relation to Article 39 of the Constitution.
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