Les femmes entrent en force au premier Parlement sorti des urnes à l’issue des premières élections irakiennes générales en plus de cinquante ans ...
Iraqi women must have an active role in shaping the future of their country and Iraqi authorities must take effective measures to protect women and to change discriminatory legislation that encourages violence against them.
A coalition of Shia religious parties has won the Iraq election, taking almost half the votes and raising the spectre of Islamic law finding its way into the country's new constitution.
WLUML has received an urgent appeal for solidarity and pressure to be placed on the Italian government to secure the safe release of Italian feminist-pacifist journalist Guiliana Sgrena, kidnapped in Iraq.
The survey shows women want legal rights; dispels notions that women believe tradition and culture should limit their participation in government.
Iraqi women were long the most liberated in the Middle East. Occupation has confined them to their homes.
Kidnapping and killing is a daily reality in Iraq, but in the west the atrocities go unrecorded and the dead are unnamed.
Iraqi women face tough choices in their country following the US-led invasion and occupation.
Membre du bureau du Conseil français du culte musulman (CFCM), Soheib Bencheikh, grand mufti de Marseille, condamne fermement la prise en otages des journalistes français.
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