Thanks to the massive postcolonial immigration that has taken place in recent years, France is today a state in which people are increasingly concerned with their collective identities as either “Maghrebi”/ ”Muslim” or “French”. It is important to see that this creation of politicized ethnic identities exists on both sides, not just that of the minorities. The core process of “ethnicization” involves linking a specific population to distinctive cultural characteristics. The collective control of female behavior and the use of feminine representations is central to this process.
Catholics for a Free Choice a lancé en France sa campagne See Change qui demande la révision du statut spécial du Saint Siège en tant qu Etat aux Nations Unies.
La deuxième génération issue de l'immigration va enfin trouver sa place dans la future instance représentative de l'islam de France.
Bétoule Fekkar-Lambiotte, 63 ans. Seule femme du Conseil français du culte musulman, elle vient de démissionner.
Jusqu'au 8 mars, elles vont faire étape dans 23 villes pour dénoncer l'"oppression masculine".
In spite of sub-zero temperatures, sleet and snow, thousands of Muslim women turned up on Saturday for the first day of a five-week march that will take them to 23 cities of France, and allow them to protest the growing violence they are subject to.
Le magazine de la femme du Maghreb et du monde arabe.
Sérénade a besoin de l'appui des femmes françaises.
Collectif National pour les Droits des Femmes.
An anti-immigrant current is sweeping EU.
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