[sex] dress codes

An ominous dressing down from Islamists MPs concerned about "indecent outfits" has forced organisers of an international volleyball tournament to cancel a women's exhibition match.
Turkey's Constitutional Court defended its decision opposing Islamic headscarves at the country's universities.
More than 35 young women wearing tight trousers have been arrested for "disturbing the peace" in south Sudan, police said on Tuesday.
Islamic MPs are obliging Education Minister Nouriya Al-Sabeeh and Housing Minister Moudhi Al-Homoud to wear hijabs during parliamentary sessions in implementation of Islamic rules and regulations.
In the Malaysian city of Kota Bharu, women are being urged by local authorities to not wear lipstick or high-heeled shoes.
Police in Iran have begun a new campaign against Western-style clothing and hairstyles.
Two liberal theologians have taken Turkey’s most famous Islamic clothes designer to court, alleging the couturier is exploiting religion for personal profit. The case is highlighting the growing tension between Islam and the country’s market economy.
"En faisant adopter l'amendement au Parlement, l'AKP s'était défendu en faisant valoir que l'interdiction du voile, imposée après le putsch militaire de 1980, contrevenait à la liberté de conscience et au droit à l'éducation."
New arrests show that Kuwait has resumed enforcing a repressive dress code that criminalizes "imitating the appearance of the opposite sex," Human Rights Watch said today.
Le voile porté par la très féministe ministre suisse des Affaires étrangères Micheline Calmy-Rey durant sa récente visite en Iran a suscité un tollé à Berne où politiques et médias l'accusent d'avoir abandonné la cause des femmes.
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