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The issue of women driving in Saudi Arabia is again a topic of public discussion,[1] following an extraordinary incident that took place during the recent flooding in the city of Jeddah. A 15-year-old girl named Malak Al-Mutairi managed to extricate herself from a partially submerged car, and then got in the family jeep and towed other vehicles and their occupants to safety, saving her own family and eight others.[2]

    نقضت المحكمة العليا الحكم الصادر من محكمة الجوف في " قضية النسب " الشهيرة ، والذي سبق وأن أُيد من محكمة التمييز حيث زعم اخو الزوجة غير الشقيق بأن زوجها لاينتسب إلى قبيلة. المحامي احمد الخالد السديري الذي قدم طعناً في الحكم الصادر من محكمة الجوف قال في تصريح له " هيئة حقوق الانسان كلفتني بعد أن أثار هذا الحكم ضجة كبيرة، وتناولته الصحف الغربية فأخذتني الحمية فكتبت طعنا وقدمته لهيئة حقوق الانسان السعودية". ويضيف السديري "بعد ذلك رفعت الهيئة الطعن للمقام السامي وأُحيل من المقام السامي إلى المحكمة العليا للنظر فيه. ولأن عندنا قضاء عادل يحكم بالشرع ويحكم بالعدالة التي هي جوهر الشرع حكمت المحكمة العليا بنقض الحكم الصادر من محكمة الجوف وإعادة شمل الاسرة ودرء الضرر عن الزوجين، وهذا الحكم نهائي"

Over four years after a judge in Jouf annulled the marriage of Fatima and Mansour at the behest of Fatima’s half brothers, the Supreme Judiciary Council in Riyadh on Saturday overruled the decision and ordered that the couple be reunited in matrimony. “The divorce ruling is void, therefore the return of the couple together is inevitable now and does not require (another) marriage ceremony,” Ahmad Al-Sudairi, who has been providing the couple pro bono representation, told Arab News. Fatima was pregnant with the couple’s second child when on June 20, 2005 a judge ruled in favor of Fatima’s half brothers and divorced her from Mansour Al-Timani in absentia.

In most countries, a woman in her mid-20s is legally an adult. And in most countries, foreigners are free to leave when they like. In its flagrant rejection of these two principles, Saudi Arabia is unique, and that is a big problem for 24-year-old Nazia Quazi.

 عنيزة، تحقيق–عبدالرحمن البقمي، بدر العتيبي.  فصول مثيرة وأحداث جديدة خرجت على السطح لتكشف للقارئ الكثير من الغموض حول "طفلة بريدة" البالغة من العمر 12 عاماً؛ والتي زوجها والدها برجل ثمانيني. وفي هذا التحقيق نستكمل القضية مع جميع الأطراف (الزوج، ووالد الطفلة، ومأذون الأنكحة، والوكيل الشرعي عن الأم، الطفلة)، وذلك بعد أن التقينا سابقاً مع والدة الطفلة وتحدثت في حوار مطول عن معاناتها وطفلتها من هذا الزواج غير المتكافئ عمرياً.

Saudi Arabia's appointed Shura Council has approved establishing a public defender program, a step that will strengthen the criminal justice system, Human Rights Watch said today. The program approved by the council on January 11, 2010 will appoint a lawyer at the state's expense to any criminal defendant who cannot afford one.

I was sitting in a majlis with a group of women when our chat on world affairs was interrupted by an urgent knock on the door; a knock that opened more than just a passage into the rest of the house. “We ran out of coffee!” I heard a male voice in distress telling the hostess as she opened the door just a tiny crack to see who it was. It was her husband, who was hosting a similar majlis in another corner of the house, with the husbands of the women here. The hostess went out to help him, leaving the door wide open to a room full of annoyed women. Several of them ran to the door to close it, because “there are men in the house”.

قال مصدر سعودي لصحيفة جلف نيوز إن الإماراتية إن الحكم الصادر بحق امرأة مسنة بجلدها 40 جلدة وسجنها لاربعة اشهر لم ينفذ بعد وماتزال المرأة البالغة من العمر 75 عاماً والتي وجدت بصحبة رجلين دون ان تربطهما علاقة قرابة بهابحسب الحكم الصادر في حقها، ماتزال تقيم في منزلها في مدينة حائل السعودية.والمرأة المسنة سورية الجنسية وتدعى خميسة محمد سوادي كانت بمعية رجلين سعوديين هما فهد (24 عاماً) وهديان وجدوا مذنبيين في مارس 2009 بارتكاب خلوة فيما تقول خمسية ان فهد هو ابنها بالرضاعة،

The Hail Emirate has received official orders to implement the recent sentence handed down against the defendants in the case of Khamisa Sawadi, issued by members of the Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice in the City of Shamli (170 kilometers south of Hail), which was known in the media as 'The case of the elderly woman of Shamli'. Saudi sources have confirmed to Emirati newspaper, Gulf News, that the woman is still in her house and the sentence has not been carried out yet.

Naming a woman as the next secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will solve the standoff between Qatar and the other GCC states over the name of the next official for the top post, a Saudi activist and columnist has said. “Since there seems to be a crisis that is likely to prolong over the name of the top official, the possible solution I see is to choose a female secretary-general with a high academic and diplomatic profile. I do not think that selecting a qualified woman will cause opposition since there are many women who have recently held high political positions,” Hatoon Al Fassi, an expert on women’s rights and a columnist with a Saudi newspaper, wrote.

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