Militant group Boko Haram killed between 150 and 2,000 civilians in Baga on 3rd January but Nigerian politicians appear more focused on their election campaigns than on security issues, according to the BBC.

(London) – Women and girls abducted by the Islamist group Boko Haram are forced to marry, convert, and endure physical and psychological abuse, forced labor, and rape in captivity, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The group has abducted more than 500 women and girls since 2009, and intensified abductions since May 2013, when Nigeria imposed a state of emergency in areas where Boko Haram is most active.

Pakistani rights activist Malala Yousafzai has met Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan to press for more action to free at least 200 girls held by Boko Haram Islamist militants.

The militants' leader has reiterated in a new video message that he is prepared to negotiate a prisoner swap for them.

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More than 60 women and girls are reported to have escaped from the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, security sources say.

They were among 68 abducted last month near the town of Damboa in north-eastern Borno state.

The wall of missing girls around the Falomo Roundabout under the Falomo Bridge in  Lagos had become significant in the crusade for the search for our missing girls. On May  8th at the roundabout, Women For Peace and Justice Bring Back our Girls Lagos after  obtaining the required permission, had carefully placed placards with the profiles and  names of 176 Chibok girls that that had been verified by CAN. The placards were  evidence that 200+ girls were missing and were a symbol of our commitment to bring  back our girls, the shared pain of the Chibok parents and the love of our nation.

Schoolgirls stand in a Maiduguri classroom burnt by Boko Haram in May. Attacks by the Islamist group have risen in recent months. Photograph: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP/Getty Images

28 May 2014

In response to the kidnapping by Boko Haram of over 200 schoolgirls in Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria, the world has mobilised around the BringBackOurGirls hashtag, creating an online frenzy and taking to streets and embassies.  Among those protesting for the safe return of the schoolgirls have been various friends and partners from around the Women Living Under Muslim Laws network.

  هجوم مسلح على مدرسة بنات وخطف ما بين مئتين 200 ومائة وتسع وعشرين 129 فتاة، تتراوح أعمارهن بين 15-18، خبر صادم بكل ما يحمل من هول الأرقام والمضمون ونحن لم نستكمل. ونأتي إلى تحديد المكان لنتنفس الصعداء، ربما، فهذا الحادث الكارثي يجري في مكان بعيد، في شمال شرق دولة في غرب إفريقيا، يعني بعيدة عنا.. هناك في نيجيريا في مدينة تشيبوك من ولاية بورنو الاثنين الماضي (14 أبريل 2014)، أيضاً بعيدة ولا تربطنا بها إلا خطوط واهية من التضامن الإسلامي والأوبيكي (نسبة إلى منظمة الأوبك).

  في مقالي السابق تحدثت عن أكبر عملية اختطاف جماعي تمت من أسبوعين باختطاف 230 فتاة ثانوي من مدرسة داخلية في ولاية بورنو بشمال شرق نيجيريا على يد جماعة "بوكو حرام" أو "التعليم الغربي حرام" وهرب 43 منهن واستمرار 187 فتاة مفقودة. وفي مقال اليوم أتناول ما وراء القصة وما مناسبتها للسعودية وهل هناك مسؤولية يتحملها أي طرف؟

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