Nuba Mountains: Unlawful killings, Mass Rapes and Arbitrary Arrests of Civilians

Arry Organization
Published on January 7, 2014 in news

During the last two weeks of December 2013, the Sudanese government militias and armed forces, supported by the security elements attacked many areas around Kadugli and Dillanj area. Thousands of civilians fled their homes and unlawful killings and mass rapes of women were reported in addition to arrest campaign led by the security in Kadugli city and Dallinj.

Unlawful Killings:

On Friday, 20 December 2013, the Sudanese Government militias attacked the villages of Dumaik around 10 AM, they killed Abdo Alohab Dahiya at once, while other civilians were injured and killed in the attack but the militias refused to allow their families to treat the injured or to bury the dead. In the second week of December 2013, tow Nuba men were killed near the military search point in Tello in Kadugli. Both men were teachers coming from the Tello High School, which is located around 200 meters north of the military search point.

Jido Mohy Eldein, is middle age Nuba man merchant, arrested from his house in Kadugli , Hajr Elnar district  on December 12, 2013. The security delivered his body to his family few days later after he died of torture in detention. The security refused to allow his family to hold a funeral and ordered them to bury him at once. Witnesses in Kadugli informed Arry that that there is many other incidents similar to this but the families are in fear from the security, as they had been threatened not to report what happened to their family members either arrested or killed.

Arbitrary arrests:

Witnesses from Kadugli and Dillanj confirmed that the Sudanese security and militias performed house to house searches in Kadugli, Dillanj, and Alabasia during the last two weeks of 2013. The raids to civilian’s homes aimed at intimidating them. Unknown number of civilians in these areas believed to be detained. The numbers of civilians detainees in the recent campaign remain unconfirmed as families either afraid to report the arrest because of the security and militias threats, or already fled their homes before our researchers reach for them. On the other hand the militias attacked the villages of Kiga alkali , Domaik, Kailag and Jogaiba and other areas in Dallinj and Kadugli villages. The militia’s attacks were destructive as they burned and looted houses in every village they attacked, which led thousands to flee their homes, and most of the mentioned villages are empty of their residents now.

Mass Rapes:

The militias attacked the villages of Kailag, Kiga Alkail , Jogaiba, Domaik. They  committed mass rapes and sexual abuse against women and girls in these areas. Women fled these areas reported that the police and army refused to respond to the community leaders complaints of the militias crimes, “the police replied to our men with very racist words, supporting the action of the militias.” Said witness women from Kiga Alkail. In Domaik in 20 December, 2013 attack on the village, an elder woman was beaten and raped after she refused to show the militias where the young girls hiding. The militias tortured women and raped them in those areas as reported by witnesses which take the violence against women in Nuba Mountains to another dangerous level.

After 30 months of war in Nuba Mountains, the international community stands still in regard to its Responsibility to Protect Nuba civilians from the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against them by the hands of the wanted war criminals Omar Albasheir and his defense minister Abdo Alraheim Mohmed Hussein.

 Arry organization calls on the Security Council and the United Nations to meets its obligations to insure the peace and security for the indigenous peoples of Nuba Mountains. The recent two months of the war against Nuba peoples has been the worst since June 2011. Thousands fled their homes and the war crimes of unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests and mass rapes are considered war crimes and crime against humanity. We call on the United Nations and Security Council to urgently take action to protect the civilians in Nuba Mountains from the aerial and land attacks and refer the crimes committed against Nuba peoples to the International Criminal Court to be added to Omer Albashir crimes against humanity in Darfur.