Tunisia: 'Stop the violation of individual liberties'


Following the violence and violations of civil liberties that took place in a number of schools, institutes and universities, when some students and professors were physically attacked or otherwise threatened due to their clothing not being to the "taste" of the perpetrators, the Association of Tunisian Women for Research on Development (AFTURD) expresses its complete disapproval of and condemns these acts which are contrary to the principles of the Republic and of the public and individual freedoms it guarantees.

AFTURD warns against such numerous and organised acts of violence which are designed to sow terror, to discourage women from freely exercising their most basic rights in public spaces, and thus undermine the gains made through the struggles of Tunisian people (women and men) for decades.

AFTURD expresses its full and unconditional solidarity with all those who have suffered from acts of intolerance, discrimination and violence in all public places.

We urge the authorities to oppose this phenomenon, to protect male and female citizens against all forms of aggression, and to enforce the law on the perpetrators.

We call on civil society to mobilise against these violations, and urge political parties to speak up and oppose the dangers to democracy and freedom in the schools, universities, and the country in general.


The President

Belhadj Zekri Radhi