ACTION ALERT: Dr. Homa Hoodfar

Dr. Homa Hoodfar, a highly respected university professor at Concordia University, Montreal has been arrested and detained in Iran's notorious Evin prison on Monday 6, June 2016. She is an anthropologist who conducts ethnographic research across the Middle East, as well on Muslims living in the West.

#May28: Continuing the Struggle for #SRHR4All and #WomensHealthMatters

The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights’ campaign for women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) this year holds a curious coincidence: it is their twenty-eighth campaign, set for the twenty-eighth of May.

Day1/16: Conversation with Samira: A Story of Defiance

WLUML-ICO team recently had the opportunity to meet with Samira Ibrahim, a brave young Egyptian activist. Our conversation with Samira was inspirational. She opened up about her background - where it all began - and about her exciting current work. Samira also spoke to us about the many forms of state violence that she has faced along the way.

Dossier 30-31: The Struggle for Secularism in Europe and North America

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ISBN-10: 1907024220; ISBN-13: 978-1907024221

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Edited by Algerian sociologist and WLUML founder, Marieme Hélie-Lucas, this bumper dossier brings you papers by over 15 contributors, including Karima Bennoune: The Law of the Republic Versus the ‘Law of the Brothers': A story of France’s law banning religious symbols in public; Pragna Patel: Cohesion, Multi-Faithism and the Erosion of Secular Spaces in the UK: Implications for the human rights of minority women; and Gita Sahgal: ‘The Question Asked by Satan’: Doubt, dissent and discrimination in 21st-century Britain

Walking a Tightrope: Women and Veiling in the United Kingdom

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Ayesha Salma Kariapper
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Walking a Tightrope: Women and Veiling in the United Kingdom by Ayesha Salma Kariapper examines the ways in which public debates over the headscarf and the full-face veil have shaped the strategies of women from Muslim communities, strategies developed to deal with the limitations imposed on them in the name of religion, culture, tradition and identity within the community, and with racism and exclusion from mainstream society. You can now download the book for free!

WLUML Exhibition: Dress Codes & Modes

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The exhibition looks at women's dress in some Muslim countries and communities and is a snapshot of diversities and commonalities through space and time. These highlight the influence of many forces – class, status, region, work, religious interpretation, ethnicity, urban/rural, politics, fashion, climate.

Why We Wrote a Book for Women in Afghanistan

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I am a member of Free Women Writers – a grassroots collective of volunteer Afghan women writers and students – and we recently published a new book, You Are Not Alone.

It’s the feminist book everyone should add to their 2018 reading lists! (George Washington University already has…)

Euro centrism as a fig-leaf, and the art of conjuring in politics



marieme helie lucas

Jan 5, 2016; Updated Jan 12


Culture, Religion et Politique

Marième Hélie Lucas


Présentation à l’atelier WELDD-WLUML

Dakar, 28 avril-2mai 2013


D’où je parle

Je suis algérienne, j’ai vécu en Algérie depuis ma naissance, j’y ai passé tout le temps de la guerre d’indépendance (1954-62) et jusqu’à la fin des années 80 – date à partir de laquelle les ravages de l’intégrisme armé se sont violemment faits sentir  : l’intégrisme armé a fait environ 200 000 victimes au cours de la décennie 90. En tout, presque 50 ans de ma vie.

Statuts personnels et accords bilatéraux: Une atteinte à la laïcité et aux droits des étrangères et des citoyennes d’origine maghrébine en France 

Lalia Ducos

WICUR, France



Nombreux sont les rapports sur les inégalités et les discriminations dont font l’objet les femmes issues de l’immigration en France. Pourtant il est une discrimination dont on entend peu parler : celle qui s’accomplit au nom des droits culturels et religieux des minorités.

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