Iraq: Talking with friends and family about Iraq

War on Civilians, War on Women
How are women disproportionately hurt by war? Women are primarily responsible for those made most vulnerable by war – children, the sick and elderly – and for maintaining families and households. When bombs destroy homes, hospitals, schools and food markets, people’s basic needs do not disappear. In fact, they intensify and it is left to women to meet the tremendous needs generated by the sharp rise in trauma, disability, disease and homelessness that are the known outcomes of war. US bombing and sanctions have caused great hardship for Iraqi women, who must intensify their work hauling water, processing food and providing health care, day care and many other services formerly provided by the state. Moreover, gender discrimination means that when resources such as jobs, medical treatment and food are made scarce, the needs of girls and women are sacrificed first. This MADRE Guide is part of MADRE’s Every Child Has a Name campaign to raise funds for an emergency shipment of children’s medicines and milk for families in Iraq.