Iraq: The women of Kosovo and Afghanistan urge Iraqi women to ‘organize and raise their voice’ during reconstruction

Afghan Women's Network and Kosovo Women's Nework statement
Two prominent women’s networks in Afghanistan and Kosovo, representing hundreds of influential women activists, have pledged solidarity to Iraqi women.
They also urged them not to be intimidated by the emergence of conservative elements in Iraq that threaten to reverse years of steady gains by women.

In separate open letters the two networks also urge the occupying forces in Iraq to improve security - which poses a special threat to women - and ensure that women’s rights are guaranteed in any new legal system.
The open letters have been issued by the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) and the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). The AWN represents 24 NGOs and over 1000 individual women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The KWN serves as a coordinating forum for 32 women’s groups in Kosovo.

'We encourage women in Iraq to organize, raise their voice, and be part of the rebuilding of their country,' says the Kosovo letter, which was drafted by Igo Rogova, chair of the KWN board. The AWN letter strikes a similar note: 'We write this letter in solidarity with our sisters in Iraq, as they face a similar rebuilding effort to Afghanistan. We encourage Iraqi women to have a voice in the process.'

Afghan Women's Network statement

Kosovo Women's Nework statement