The Safra Project launch their new website 'Sexuality, Gender and Islam'

Safra Project
The new webpages provide information on studies undertaken by reformist and feminist Muslim scholars.
The focus of the research is to challenge gender bias, homophobia and transphobia that Muslim LGBT people, particularly women, experience.
The webpages include the following sections:

What do we mean by Gender?
What do we mean by Sexuality?
What do we mean by Islam?
Frameworks for Progressive Islam
Gender (roles) and Islam
Gender Identity and Islam
Women's Sexuality and Islam
(Male) Homosexuality and Islam
Same-Sex Relationships between Women and Islam
Glossary of Key Terms
Bibliography and links

This resource is important for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Muslims as well as for our families, friends and supporters as it can empower us to grapple with religious and personal questions. The resource is also important for others working with Muslim people, in particular for service providers and policy makers.

The Safra Project hopes that this resource will help to dispel misconceptions that cause stigmatisation and discrimination faced by Muslim LGBT people.

To view these pages please visit As this information will be updated on a regular basis we would welcome your comments and links to other relevant resources not yet included.