Fundamentalisms - a Web Resource for Women's Human Rights

A joint initiative of WLUML, the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) and Rights and Democracy.
The web resource focuses on identifying and exposing the international dynamics of fundamentalisms.
It highlights the impact of fundamentalisms on women in particular, identifies trends and strategies to counteract them, and shares comprehensive, cross-regional information and analysis to promote a greater understanding of fundamentalisms.
In November 2002, WLUML convened a major international meeting on the "Warning Signs of Fundamentalisms" which helped to expose the generic features of fundamentalisms and to further strengthen analysis and resistance. It was identified that the key to understanding and counteracting fundamentalisms lies in the ability to pool information and to create strategies across countries as well as across communities. During the meeting, a number of participants expressed interest in working on building a web resource and to continue the process of information and strategy sharing. The result is this WHRNet web-resource.

The Fundamentalisms web resource consists of the following sections and features:

*Comprehensive and regularly updated thematic overviews addressing the impact of fundamentalisms on areas such of women's health and sexuality, education, employment, political participation and leadership, and so on.

*A guide to relevant human rights forums and mechanisms -- e.g. UN Human Rights Commission and Commission on the Status of Women, special rapporteurs, working groups, and treaty bodies -- and how these might be used to improve women's human rights in contexts of rising fundamentalisms.

*Regular opinion pieces and interviews from women taking the lead in advancing and protecting women's human rights in situations where fundamentalisms undermine them.

*News, recent events, and information on action alerts from regionally diverse perspectives.

*Extensive links to relevant organizations, resources and articles.

*An online research tool specific to the fundamentalisms theme.

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