Women and the International Criminal Court

Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice
The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice has established an office in The Hague and is actively monitoring developments at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Currently the ICC is undergoing an enormous recruitment process to staff the Court in preparation for it’s substantive work.
Many of you will remember the very successful campaign we co-ordinated during 2003 to ensure the election of 7 women judges to the ICC. To promote the appointment of women to key positions, we will send regular notifications of relevant vacancies at the ICC, as well as updates on the appointments made. Please assist us in identifying suitable women candidates and encouraging strong applications for these positions.

ICC Vacancies

The Rome Statute requires that in the employment of staff, the Prosecutor and Registrar must have regard for the representation of the principal legal systems of the world, equitable geographical representation, and fair representation of women and men.

Court Officials have indicated they receive few applications from women, and very few applications from Asia and Africa.

We have identified the following positions currently being advertised, as important, strategic positions for women candidates to apply.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to the position of Deputy Prosecutor, to head the Prosecution Division. The Prosecutor is required by the Rome Statute to put forward three candidates for the Deputy Prosecutor position and has expressed an intention to put forward three women candidates to the Assembly of State Parties in September. The Prosecutor has also expressed interest in high-level women candidates from Asia and Africa.

The first Deputy Prosecutor, Serge Brammertz, (Belgium), was appointed in November 2003, and is the Head of the Investigations Division.

The general profile for the Deputy Prosecutor is that she/he must be fluent in English or French, and have extensive practical experience in the prosecution or trial of criminal cases. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2004.

Guidelines for applications for the ICC can be found on the ICC website: www.icc-cpi.org. It is essential for applications to follow these guidelines and include a completed personal history form.

Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

Relevant Vacancies at the ICC

-Deputy Prosecutor (Prosecutions) (ASG)
Head of The Prosecution Division of The Office of The Prosecutor
Deadline: 30-04-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-LEG-037-PO

-Analyst (Police) (P-4 position)
Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 23-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-030-PO

-Analyst (Justice) (P-4 position)
Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 23-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-031-PO

-Analyst (NGO) (P-4 position)
Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 17-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-032-PO

-Victims Expert (P-4 position)
Investigation Division, Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 31-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-035-PO

-Associate Victims Expert (P-2 position)
NB: 2 vacancies!
Investigation Division, Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 31-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-036-PO

-Associate Analyst (P-2 position)
Office of the Prosecutor
Deadline: 12-03-2004
Vacancy Number: 04-ADM-029-PO

All applications must be accompanied by a Personal History Form available on the Website.

To see all vacancies at the ICC and to check Guidelines for applications please go to: http://www.icc-cpi.int/php/jobs/vacatures.php