Palestine: More and more Israeli war crimes and more formal inaction

Women’s Affairs Technical Committee
Statement by The Women’s Affairs Technical Committee.
The Women’s Affairs Technical Committee is shocked by the aggressiveness of the Israeli Occupation forces who brutally attacked the Southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and the nearby refugee camps causing more and more killings of innocent civilians and demolishing hundreds of houses leaving thousands of families homeless without shelters.
The inaction of the United Nations and the International community means giving the Israeli occupation the green light to continue its massive military destruction and its collective punishment policy. WATC believes that this destruction of Rafah cannot be justified and can only be seen as a huge violation of the International Humanitarian Law, and Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states that “no protected person (i.e. those living under foreign occupation) may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation…are prohibited… Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited”.

The Womens’s Affairs Technical Committee calls upon the United Nations and International Community to intervene to stop the brutal Israeli Aggression on innocent people and their properties and to stop their continuous massacres of the Palestinians who are simply asking for their right of existence and survival. And to the United States we say it is time to wake up and look objectively at people who are suffering daily from the Israeli violence that cannot be justified. The escalated violence by the Israeli Occupation and the non-stop support of the USA to those unjustified acts creates only more hatred and more hostility thus more and more violence world wide.

From Palestine we send a plea to the conscience of all human beings to intervene to stop the Israeli War Crimes against the Palestinian people that will lead to more and more pain, bloodshed, and loss of lives. We ask the Arab World represented by their leaders in the coming Arab Summit of 2004 to hold serious actions and cut the diplomatic relations with Israel and the United States until the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from the Palestinian Occupied Territories on 1967 borders according to UN Resolutions 242 and 338.

Save the Palestinian People… Send International Monitors … Stop Israeli War Crimes… End the Occupation

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News Update

The Independent reports that Israeli troops withdraw from Rafah camp neighbourhood.

The Guardian reports that Israeli minister attacks home demolitions.,2763,1223100,00.html