France: No to Islamic courts

20 ans Barakat
The Collective 20 ans Barakat - 20 Years Is Enough brings together several women’s organisations in France and serves as a networking point for Algerian women fighting against the 1984 Family Code.
This Code, based on supposedly Muslim laws, institutionalises women’s subordination, reducing women to the status of a sub-citizen and making a mockery of all fundamental rights.
Over the past two decades, a significant section of Algerian society has chosen Canada as a safe haven from the violence generated by this inegalitarian Code.

The establishment of Islamic courts will allow the fundamentalists to introduce their regressive ideas and practices in the shape of laws claiming to be ‘Islamic’.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Collective 20 Years Is Enough, aware of all the attacks against women’s rights taking place across the world, extends its support to the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, and to other migrant women’s associations and their demands:

- Reject the introduction of religious laws and demand equality between citizens in particular in the area of family laws.

The Collctive 20 Years Is Enough condemns the Boyd Report for recommending the establushment of Islamic courts in Canada: wherever such a law is in force, it leads to attacks on women’s rights.

The Collective 20 Years Is Enough says:

- No to the denial of rights within the family
- No to any reversal of the rights of the individual and women’s rights in the name of multiculturalism
- No to a parallel judicial system.