International: 1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005

1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005
WLUML networkers feature among the 1000 women for peace.
This year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Director General, Mohamed El Baradei. The initiators of the project 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 congratulate the recipient of the prize.
"Of course we are disappointed, as we had hoped very much that the 1000 women would be recognized for their untiring and courageous work in the cause of peace," said the initiator and Swiss politician Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold, "but we are also proud that within less than three years we have brought attention to the outstanding work done by these women in the cause of promoting peace."

In January 2005, 1000 women (representative of many thousands of such women) from more than 150 countries were nominated all together for the Nobel Peace Prize. They commit themselves worldwide to working for more human security and justice. They rebuild what has been destroyed, they mediate in conflicts between enemies, and they fight poverty. They step in for access to land and clean water, they defend human rights and denounce every sort of child abuse. They create alternative sources of income, they care for HIV patients and take care of their children. They organize vigils and they document the atrocities of war.

It's a pity. The Nobel Peace Prize for the 1000 women would have been a compelling symbol of peace politics - of which the world is sorely in need!» said politician Monika Stocker, Vice-President of the project. However - important goals of the project have been achieved. There are new women’s networks everywhere: between Africa and China, in the Balkans and in Europe, between Kyrgyzstan and Brazil. Women exchange their experiences and women's peace work becomes visible.

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