UK: Recognizing the unrecognized - launch of new WLUML policy research

Recognizing the Un-Recognized: Inter-Country Cases and Muslim Marriages & Divorces in Britain. A policy research by Women Living Under Muslim Laws, 2005.
Many thousands in the Muslim community in Britain as well as non-British spouses of British Muslims may be in marriages or undergo divorces whose legal validity is doubtful in the eyes of the English courts and authorities such as immigration and pensions.
This leaves them in a ‘married/un-married’ limbo, often referred to in legal terms as ‘limping marriages’. The law and what it requires of people in order to have a valid status is clear neither to those in the Muslim community in Britain and abroad nor to UK administrative authorities, support groups, legal practitioners and commentators.

WLUML has conducted a brief policy research project with the aim of beginning a dialogue on how to address the human rights violations being suffered by women in Muslim communities in Britain and South Asia in connection with the recognition of Muslim marriages and divorces in Britain. We believe this to be the first in-depth report of the issue to combine sociological, legal and political analysis.

The report is currently being published and is being launched at various events around Britain, including:
  • The conference on Gender, Marriage Migration and Justice in Multicultural Britain, organised by Roehampton University, 12 January 2006
  • A launch in collaboration with FATIMA Women's Network, Leicester, 26 January 2006
  • A launch in collaboration with the South Manchester Law Centre, end February 2006
  • A launch in collaboration with All Wales Saheli Association, Cardiff, provisionally 8 March 2006
  • A launch in collaboration with Newham Asian Women's Project, London (March 2006)