Syria: Najah appointed Syria's first woman vice-president

Gulf News
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has appointed former culture minister Najah Al Attar as a Second Vice-President, the official news agency Sana reported. Najah is the first woman to hold such a high position in Syria.
By appointing her, Bashar completes filling the country's two mostly ceremonial posts, which became vacant last year.
Bashar last month appointed former foreign minister Farouq Al Shara'a as Vice-President, replacing Abdul Halim Khaddam, who resigned last year and later defected to France.

"Najah will be responsible for following culture policy according to the directions of the president," the Sana statement said.

Najah, part of the old guard in the ruling Baath Party, was culture minister for more than two decades under the late President Hafez Al Assad, who ruled Syria for 30 years and was succeeded by his son in 2000.

Published: 03/24/2006