UK: In support of the silent vigil for Iraqi widows

Act Together
You are invited to participate in workshops held on 20, 21 and 22 June from 11am-11pm at the ACAVA Studios in London in support of the vigil on 23 June.
Join us in creating art works, banners and placards for this vigil and for future actions. Help us bring this issue to public attention and aid urgent relief work. Bring your ideas, your talent and/or simply your good will. If you can’t come to the workshop please come to the vigil, if you cannot go, let others know.
Rashad Salim for “Act Together” Women’s Action for Iraq and “iNCiA” international network of contemporary Iraqi art.

RSVP for further information.

In protest at the widowing of Iraq by past and present military and political crimes, the dehumanisation of people, destruction of land, society, culture and the chaos this has brought. In support of the 100,000’s of widows left bereft, destitute and alone in a savage world.
  • End the occupation - stop the violence by US and UK forces
  • End the killing of innocent civilians by insurgents, militias and death squads
  • Financial assistance and wide-scale income generating projects for widows
  • Legal rights and representation especially in terms of the atrocities committed by the previous regime and the occupation forces