Iraq: Concrete actions to support Iraqi women

Act Together
Act Together has asked Sundus Abass to come up with come concrete actions that she would like you to take to support Iraqi women.
Prepared on the start of the visit to the UK of Sundus Abass, July 16-31st 2006.
  1. Pressure your government (Prime Minister and MPs) as well as the US government to draw up a concrete timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
  2. Pressure the British and US governments to revoke criminal immunity for UK and US soldiers for crimes committed in Iraq.
  3. Support Iraqi universities, students and academics by engaging in the exchange of information, resources (books, periodicals, scholarships etc) and expertise.
  4. Support Iraqi NGOs that play a crucial role in addressing urgent humanitarian and educational needs on the ground – fundraising, exchange of expertise and information.
  5. Encourage The British Council to pay a more active and effective role by supporting Iraqi students and scholars as well as educational and cultural institutions and projects.
  6. Support the Iraqi women’s movement by:
    a) directly getting in contact with Iraqi women’s organizations inside Iraq and engage in exchange of experience, information and resources
    b) start international solidarity movements to pressurise the Iraqi Parliament to adopt international conventions on human rights and women’s rights.
  7. Support the demands of the Iraqi women’s movement to:
    a) prolong the period for constitutional amendments from three months to one year
    b) to delete article 41 of the Constitution and keep a unified personal status code.
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