International: FIRE broadcast on Middle East conflict

Women's voices and perspectives in reaction to the military aggression in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel will be the focus of a marathon live broadcast via Internet.
Entitled, 'Voices of Resistance' on Friday, August 4, 2006 produced in Spanish and English by FIRE - Feminist International Radio Endeavour/Radio Internacional Feminista in Costa Rica.
The 8-hour live broadcast, which begins at 10 am (Costa Rica/RMT) will be repeated three times during a 24-hour streaming schedule. Listeners may tune in by going to the FIRE website at:

FIRE is also inviting audience members to write or call during the program to express solidarity with women in the Middle East conflicts.

For each email, FIRE will send $5 to women's organizations that work in those conflict zones; and $10 for each phone call. In collaboration with MADRE (, the contributions will be sent women-to-women in organizations that work for peace and justice.

Additional donations may also be made by audience members to be sent to these same organizations.

The 'Voices of Resistance' marathon broadcast is designed:
  • To amplify and multiply the voices and perspectives of women who are faced with armed conflict using radio and the internet;
  • To express mourning for the hundreds of victims of the armed conflicts including many women and children;
  • To call for a ceasefire and initiation of peace negotiations;
  • To support women?s resistance to the armed aggression in Palestine, Israel and Lebanon;
  • To support actions for peace taken by women in the middle of the armed conflicts;
  • To expose and denounce patriarchal militarism;
  • To strengthen solidarity among women and give visible, vocal and economic support;
  • for women's peace movements, and other political and social movements that struggle for peace, human rights and a just solution to the conflicts.
The schedule of the FIRE marathon broadcast (Costa Rica/RMT) on Friday, August 4 includes:

10am-12pm: Spanish

12pm-2 pm: English

2-4 pm: Spanish

4-6 pm: English

These eight hours will be repeated twice in the following hours, for a total of a 24-hour broadcast.

Listeners may write or call anytime during this 24-hour cycle. To call FIRE during the broadcast, dial: 506-249-3084 (in Costa Rica) and at: 506-249-1319 to leave messages on voicemail.

To send email messages write to: and

For more information about 'Voices of Resistance' go to

FIRE/RIF is an international women's Internet radio produced by women in Costa Rica that offers the voices and perspectives of women on all issues through a combination of voices, technologies and actions.