Egypt: Rights group demands the criminalization of FGM

Statement by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights.
"With deep sorrow, the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights received news about the death of Bodor Ahmed Shaker, a child from the village of Maghagha in Minya, Egypt. Bodor died during while being "circumcised" (also called female genital mutilation or cutting) in a private clinic.
Although Bodor was not the first and will not be the last victim of this dangerous practice, decision makers continue to ignore this horrible issue that is a violation of the rights of young women and girls, whose body parts are cut without any legal, medical or religious justifications.

We consider all Egyptian medical institutions – which are supposed to protect and improve women's health but that ignore this dangerous issue – to be accomplices in this crime.

There is no direct law or legal action from the Ministry of Health that criminalizes and prevents this harmful traditional practice. The Doctors' Syndicate has made no positive moves to punish the perpetrators of this crime or other medical malpractice that threatens 85-95% of girls in Egypt.

The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights demands that:

*decision makers in Egypt adopt a law that criminalizes FGM
*the Doctor's Syndicate punish doctors who commit this crime
*the Minister of Health to commit to preventing FGM and closing clinics and hospitals that continue to practice it

The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights supports the efforts of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood to prevent this crime and call for support of their efforts and the efforts of all NGOs working to prevent this violent practice."

--The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights