International: Capacity-building opportunity: Women Peacemakers Program

Call for applications: Nonviolence Education and Training (NVET)
Nonviolence training provides Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with essential peacebuilding skills and concepts. These skills and concepts focus on ways to increase social mobilization and countervailing power. Nonviolence training aims to empower marginalized groups so that they can assert their rights, create their own opportunities, and access resources.
Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) will support a minimum of 10 nonviolence trainings during 2005 - 2008, by providing financial support, links to trainers and resource people, and/or training materials.


WPP uses the following criteria in selecting which training to support:

01.The purpose of IFOR WPP trainings is the nonviolent empowerment of women and the building of sustainable women's groups. The gender aspect has to be an explicit part of the training.

02. Priority will be given to proposals coming from women's groups with a stated interest or aim in active nonviolent social change, rather than charity.

03. Priority will be given to IFOR branches, groups or affiliates; to groups that the WPP has already worked in partnership with; to groups in conflict areas or areas where armed conflict is expected to break out soon. Groups should have a stated interest in a long-term, working relationship with WPP.

04. The WPP wishes to work in most cases with independent women's groups not aligned to any political party.

05. Women's groups with a multi-cultural (e.g., migrant and non-migrant women) and/or multi-faith constituency will be given priority.

06. The group must be prepared to contribute what it can to the implementation of the training (money, labor, materials and/or venue).

07. The group must agree to participate fully in all evaluations of the training. The evaluation process must be consistent for all nonviolence trainings.

08. Priority will be given to trainings with women-only groups. Trainings with mixed groups (i.e., groups with both women and men) will be considered under the following conditions:

a. women control the aims and resources of the group and the group's leadership is comprised solely or overwhelmingly of women
b. the membership of the group is at least three-fourths women and/or girls
c. the primary aims of the group advance the empowerment of women and/or girls
d. the leadership of the group request that selected men be participants in the training
e. At least three-fourths of all participants in the training must be women.

09. Every attempt must be made to ensure that the trainers are women.

10. In selecting trainers and facilitators, priority will be given to local or regional trainers and facilitators. The building of a network of local trainers and resource women, with links to regional networks, is important.

11. Trainings should encourage to the extent possible the exchange of information between groups across the country and throughout the world, in order to support women's peacemaking initiatives.

12. Follow-up to WPP nonviolence trainings will include development of links to further resources and training of trainers in the area.

Training Request Form

A. The organization

1. Details of the organization:

· Name of the organization:
· Address:
· Country:
· Telephone number(s):
· Fax:
· Email address:
· Website:
· Name of the head of the organization:
· Name/s of the contact person/s for the project:

2. Is the organization registered as a nongovernmental organization?

3. Please describe your organization (20 lines), focusing on:

· History of the organization
· Mission
· Vision
· Values
· Goals
· Activities

4. Has the organization worked with donor funding before? If yes, please mention which donors, and when?

5. Is the Organization part of a local, regional, national or international network? Give the name

6. Can you give references of regional, national or international organization partner or which your organization have being collaborating?

B. The training

7. Name of the training:

8. Dates and place of the training.

9. How does the training fit within the work generally carried out by the organization? (10 lines)

10. Why is this training necessary (e.g. political situation in the country, situation of women in the country, etc.) 10 lines?

11. What are the goals of the training?

12. Please describe the target audience, and how participants will be chosen.

13. How many participants will be invited? How many women, how many men?

14. Please provide the names of the trainer/s, why are they chosen?

15. Please include the program of the training, and describe the training methodology that will be used during the training.

16. How will the training be evaluated?

17. What are the expected outcomes of the training? 10 lines

18. Please describe any follow-up activities, if applicable.

c. Budget

Total amount of funding requested:

Requested contribution from IFOR/Women Peacemakers Program (WPP):

Contribution other donors:

Contribution of the organizers:

If the contribution is not allowed by WPP, is the training going to take place anyway?

Please complete the budget format (see attached budget form). The budget form must be sent with this form.

d. How do you know IFOR/WPP.? Our website, other organization (which one), IFOR member, call for proposals, others.

19. Further information to support this request.

Please send applications to:

Spoortstraat 38
1815 BK Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Budget Questions - Request for funding IFOR/WPP training

Please fill out ALL the questions. Incomplete forms will result in delays or possible denial of your request. Be aware that if WPP supports a training financially, the financial accounting will have to take place by producing a receipt for every expense. Expenses that cannot be proven by a receipt will not be reimbursed. WPP will not send money to personal accounts.

Name of the activity:

Organization requesting:






E mail:

Contact person for the project:

Total amount of the activity: (in country currency and in Euros)

Total amount funding requested to IFOR/WPP: (in country currency and in Euros)

For each of the following, please include a Description, the Type/Unit, Amount (Country Currency) and the Amount (Euros):

a. Fees for trainers, facilitators or consultants:
b. Travel:
c. Rental for Venue
d. Housing
e. Food
f. Childcare
g. Communications:
h. Reporting
i. Other (be specific)

In order to transfer funds the following information must be completed:

Name of Bank
Full street address of bank
Telephone and Fax numbers of bank
Name, address and telephone of the bank account holder
Bank account number
SWIFT IBAN number of bank

Please send to:
IFOR/WPP Spoortstraat 38, 1815 BK Alkmaar, The Netherlands,


September 20, 2007 (for projects that will be conducted before December 31, 2007)
November 1, 2007 (for projects that will be conducted after January 1 but before July 1, 2008)