Iran: Another woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery

Meydaan / Quds
A woman who committed adultery, having a husband and three children was sentenced to death in an Iranian court in Mashhad, Iran.
According to our source from the area, following a complaint filed by a woman alleging blackmail and intimidation, a court in Mashhad opened a file to investigate her complaint and the accused was arrested soon after.
The case was then referred to the 5th circuit criminal court of Khorasan province. The defendant provided pictures and pornographic video tapes claiming that the plaintiff has engaged in sexual acts with him willingly and without any coercion. After several hearings, judges of the fifth circuit condemned the female plaintiff to death by stoning on charges of adultery and the man to 100 lashes.


Translated from Farsi by Navid Vafaee