Egypt: ECWR’s Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

"Making Our Streets Safe for Everyone"
What have you gained from harassing someone?
Do you want to know how to defend yourself?

Would you like to listen to music and be positive?

Would you like to have Henna painted on your hands?

Join ECWR's second awareness day entitled:

"What have you gained from harassing someone?!"

Join us Friday 15th of February 2008, from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm, at Goethe institute Midan el Misaha, Dokki (Egypt).

Speak up!


What have you gained from harassing someone?!


What kind of comments you hear on the streets?!

We organized this day to sit together to discuss creative ideas and inspiring success stories, learn self defense and enjoy music!

Let's work together to make a real difference in the Egyptian streets!