International: Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures

EWIC is interested in inviting broad participation in the writing of Encyclopedia entries, including qualified graduate students.
EWIC is envisioned as a broad based, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, transhistorical encyclopedia, focusing specifically on women and Islamic cultures, but also including non-Muslim women in cultures where Islam has had a significant presence.
The interdisciplinary encyclopedia project is published by Brill (2003-2008) as a 6-volume, 2 million words, 1,246 articles scholarly resource (print edition).

They invite interested scholars, including graduate students, to complete the scholars’ template for publication on the free, on-line searchable EWIC Scholars’ Database and for possible invitation to contribute articles to EWIC On Line. Please visit our website at: and follow the link to the contributor template.

The print edition was led by a distinguished team of scholars (Suad Joseph, General Editor; Associate Editors -- Afsaneh Najmabadi, Julie Peteet, Seteney Shami, Jacqueline Siapno, and Jane Smith Associate Editors; and Alice Horner, Assistant Editor) and EWIC On Line, continues this level of scholarship with its new Editorial team (Suad Joseph, General Editor; Associate Editors -- Hoda Elsadda, Virginia Hooker, Therese Saliba, and Elora Shehabuddin).

The publication of the EWIC Scholars Database online for free access, makes this invaluable resource available to all those interested in their fields of work. Please visit their website at which includes a link to their scholars’ template as well as other EWIC resources (such as the Arabic translation of Volume I of EWIC).