Yemen: Women are training to engage in parliamentary elections

Yemen Women Union YWU begins next week carrying out training courses for woman leaderships on engaging in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Training courses are to be taking place in governorates of Hadramout, Taiz, Sana’a and Aden.
The YWU announced Thursday it will launch 3-week festivities on projects for in most branches of the governorates as part of preparations for celebrating the World Women Day and in keeping pace with the annual meeting of the Central Council of the YWU scheduled next March.

The General Secretary of the General Arab Woman Federation, the Chairwoman of the YWU RAmziya al-Eryany yesterday held a meeting with woman leaderships in the city of Mukalla and discussed with them the subject of supporting women for candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

She has also met the Administrative Body of Mukalla and Seyoun branch heads of centres in Qatan, Eastern Adis and Shahr. The meetings came on the sidelines of the Union preparation for launching the project to be opened on the World Women Day on the 8th of next March.

05 February 2009