Kenya: Five People Accused of Witchcraft Burnt to Death

WLUML Networkers
All the victims were older people (80 years and above), and four of the five burnt to death were women.
About 10 days ago the people in Nyamataro in Kisii were accused of "witchcraft" by a crowd that set them on fire and watched while they died.
Please be warned that the scenes of the murders of these people on the video are graphic and you may find them profoundly shocking and disturbing:

In response to these horrific murders WLUML received the following email from Janet Feldman, Director of KAIPPG/International:

"Individually and collectively, we have decided to do what we can to address this situation, especially as it has happened too many times before this incident. Please read below about two such actions people can take.

The first is to contact the Kenya Police and express your outrage and concern. The second is to band together for collective action. The first posting below gives contact info for the police, and the second gives the email address of someone--Matunda Nyanchama--to contact to get involved with a group seeking to prevent further such deaths, and also to address its root causes.

Two Actions:

1) Peter Ngunyi (

I made the initiative to call the Kenya Police, and Eric Kiraithe assured me that they have arrested 10 people and are charging them with murder. For those who care to register their concern, he can be reached at or, or by phone at 0729958319. You can also contact David Ochami at, an EAS reporter who is working on the story.

2) Matunda Nyanchama (

a) We are discussing an initiative that would involve the community, seek their understanding of the law, and ensure that similar events don't happen in the future.

b) Should we succeed, we would support a number of barazas held by grassroots organizations, communities and leaders to put these matters into perspective; and thus ensure that the people understand due process and that they help law enforcement to do their work.

c) We will call for law enforcement to do their work appropriately.

d) We will advocate, as a matter of urgency, that the economic situation be addressed. There are a massive number of people without work, without land, and without hope. And this can lead directly to crime and violence."

25 March 2009

Source: WLUML networkers