Sudan: Over 50 women arrested outside Lubna Hussein trial

WLUML Networkers/Reuters
According to reports from a WLUML networker, several women's rights activists have been physically violated outside the Khartoum Court and during their transportation to a police station.
Among those arrested are Fahima Hashim and Zeinab El-Sawy. Earlier, Sudanese women's rights activists scuffled with Islamists and riot police on Monday before a court session for Lubna Hussein, who faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers deemed indecent by the authorites. Police beat some protesters with batons before detaining dozens of women supporting Hussein, whose case has attracted world attention since her arrest at a party in July with 12 others.
52 women have been arrested and they are in police cells now. They are "singing and fighting for their freedom", refusing to give up.

3 Women are reported to have sustained serious injuries so far. They have been taken to hospital. A woman “Sara” is described as “badly injured” on her head. Sara had a heated encounter with police and was dragged away. The injury came from her being dragged. The second woman in Amira. Her finger is badly injured. The first report was that her finger was almost severed.