UPDATE: Sudan: Activists arrested outside Lubna Hussein trial have been released

WLUML Networkers
All 52 women's rights activists physically violated and arrested outside the Khartoum courtroom where the trial of Lubna Hussein for 'indecent' clothing was taking place, have been released and are safe.
According to reports, the majority of those arrested are well and used their time in police cells to sing songs of resistance and to make short films to post on YouTube. However, according to our contacts in Khartoum, three of the protesters who were arrested yesterday and physically violated by police wielding batons, sustained serious injuries: one had her arm broken, the second had her finger broken and the third was attacked by 4 policemen on her head and back and spent all yesterday in hospital; she has now been released although she needed 7 stiches to her hand.
The women's rights activists arrested were charged under Article 77 of the Sudanese Criminal Code 1991: Public Nuisance, Alcohol, and Gambling Public Nuisance, and spent 4 hours in jail before being released.