Sudan: “Alliance of 149” for reform of rape law

WLUML Networkers

We are the organizations and activist the founders of the “Alliance of 149”, which targeting to reform article 149 embedded in the criminal law of 1991. This article is defined as rape; one of the ugliest crimes that violates the privacy of human being and has consequences that correlates the victim in all his life.

We came together in this day 24 January 2010, in Rotana Salam hotel in Khartoum, and in the presence of representatives from political parties, media workers, academics, police and United Nation agencies in Sudan, to present and discuss all the definitions which have been previously held by the alliance, in addition to a new definition for the rape crime.

After extensive discussions about the confusing definition in the criminal law of 1991, and after emphasizing on the gravity of rape crime, all the attendance agreed on the following:

1.    Cancelling of the current definition of rape in the criminal law of 1991.
2.    Adopting an inclusive definition of rape crime that’s separates it from adultery, in addition to more severe punishment for the offender to be deterrent form the others.
3.    The necessity of putting a definition of rape crime in the conflict areas and formulate private courts adopts international humanitarian law standards
4.    Put listed examples into the law for the tough conditions including but not limited to control, defining the force and concepts of consent.
5.    The necessity of   Amendments to the Law of Evidence to undo the engagement and the level of proof required to prove the crime of rape from adultery.
6.    Put a severe penalty on the offender of rape crime with taking into account the psychological impact on the victim.
7.    Alliance are valued the articles contained in the Children Act 2009 endorsed against children rape, and also valued adopting articles for children harassment.
8.    Alliance are valued Sudan government signing into African protocol for women rights attached to the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and call to ratify it.
9.    Emphasizing the importance of clearing the impunity from the suspects on crimes related to sexual violence.

Members of alliance 149:

a-    Salmmah women resource center
b-    Sudanese Women Empowerment for Peace (SuWEP)
c-    Sudanese Organization for Research and Development (SORD)
e-    Alalag centre for media services
f-    Sudanese society for environment protection
g-    Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights
h-    Personnel

Press statement from Alliance of 149