Iran: Aliyeh Eghdamdoost Charged for Reading History of March 8th


A small group of women being held in Evin Prison held an event on the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day. In this event, Aliyeh Eghdamdoost read a small history of this international day. After this event, the head prosecutor of Evin Prison summoned Mrs. Eghdamdoost and has accused her of “reading articles; giving a speech for females on International Women’s Day, and inciting women’s activities; malicious propaganda against the regime; insulting the President and Supreme Leader; and promoting socialism”.

Aliyeh Eghdamdoost has spent a week in solitary confinement in Section 209 of Evin Prison for the foregoing charges. As she’s said, she has been interrogated throughout her time in solitary confinement. After all of this she was summoned again to Court No. 2 in Evin Prison and questioned about reading the history of March 8th. She has been charged by the head of that court, Mr. Abdi, for promoting socialism, and insulting the President and the Supreme Leader. She has not accepted the charges made against her. She has been deprived of her right to contact her family or her attorney, Mrs. Ghanavi.

On June 12th, 2006, Aliyeh Eghdamdoost was arrested in Haft-Tir Sq. for participating in a protest against discriminatory laws. She was sentenced to three years in prison, and began her term in prison in January of 2009.

April 3, 2010