United Kingdom: Launch of UK Feminista Newsletter

UK Feminista

UK Feminista's states that its mission is to get as many people as possible actively campaigning for a world where women and men live as equals. In the UK alone, 100,000 women are raped every year, women are paid 23% less than men, and just 22% of MPs are women. For too long, the myth has persisted that we live in a 'post-feminist' age - and the struggle for gender equality assumed to be over. But the times they are a-changin'. Feminism is stepping out from the margins and reclaiming its position as one of the most important movements for social justice of our age.

Over 150 women and men squeezed in to the Women's Library on the 27th March to celebrate the launch of UK Feminista. During the event (chaired by journalist, Hannah Pool), organisations and activists came together to find out more about UK Feminista, build links, and share campaiging experiences. The launch of UK Feminista was featured on Radio 4's Broadcasting House, the Evening Standard, PR Week, Third Sector, HR Review, and Prospect.

This month, the newsletter covers sexism within the recent UK elections. The general election has proved the focus for much of the feminist campaigning  taking place over recent months: SWAP (Supporting Women - Against Prison) published a manifesto calling on parties to support women in the criminal justice system;  Abortion Rights called on supporters to lobby their parliamentary candidates; OBJECT lobbied MPs to sign their Charter on Women and the Media, and Fawcett coordinated a coaltion of over 40 organisations in their "What about Women" campaign.

Sadly, following the election, the proportion of women MPs rose from 19% to just 22% - which still leaves the UK trailing behind most other European countries. However, the election did see the first three Muslim women MPs elected to Parliament.

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