Egypt: Threat against human rights activist Nehad Abu El-Komsan


The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) expresses its deep concern at the threats that Mrs. Nehad Abo El-Komsan, the Chair of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, received owing to her defense of women’s rights regarding the attacks that attempt to eliminate women’s achievements by the pressure to amend the current Personal Status Code. 

Abu El-Komsan received a threatening letter signed by someone describing himself as “the Emir (the prince) of a region in an Islamic emirate”. The letter contains insults and threats against her because of her press releases concerning facing the pressure that aims at amending the personal status laws, which will damage women’s rights. 
AOHR emphasizes its firm attitude against the attempts of erosion of women’s achievements that have been gained after a long struggle lasting almost for a century. The Egyptian women participated side by side with men in all trials and difficulties the country faced. Women’s participation appeared very clearly in a civilized and ethical manner during the glorious 25th of January Revolution.
AOHR asks the authorities to take the necessary steps to provide protection for the activist Mrs. Abu El-Komsan, and to arrest and call to account those who are behind these threats. 
AOHR also calls human rights organizations in Egypt and abroad to show solidarity with the activist and with the rights of Egyptian women.