“Women and Violence”

The objective of this report is to define the situation of violence against women in Iran. A glaring problem that must be reconised is the inadequate amount of sources of statistics and information. Up until a few years ago the issue of violence against women was not recognised in Iran, but today it has found a place in academic discourse and public opinion. In the recent years women have tried to change the existing male dominated social structure, for example, by trying to have their demands for higher education met, which was opposed by the government by introducing gender quotas at universities. Women’s subordinate position in the society and challenges they face cannot only be met by legal action. Changing social norms and conditions also require special measures of support for women and children and significant cultural changes.

Ezazi, Shahla
Publisher and location: 
Asia Pacific Women’s Watch
Source publication: 
Situation Analysis of Women in Iran 10 Years After Beijing