Objecting to Methods of Proof of Guilt in Stoning Cases

This is an interview with GholamHossein Raesi, an attorney and member of the Network of Volunteer Lawyers. He is the lawyer of Parisa A. who has been sentenced to be stoned and also an activist with the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign. The interview details Raesi’s argument that stoning sentences are being issues unlawfully, particularly with regards to the methods of proving guilt of adultery. Specifically, many clients are punished based on the judges ‘knowledge’, which lessons the burden of proof significantly. Although Raesi states he wishes to see the law changed, he also argues that under the current law, many clients are sentenced to stoning unlawfully.

Raesi, GholamHossein
Source publication: 
Iran Emrooz (Interview with GholamHossein Raesi by Soheila Vahdati. Translated by Shouka Darvish)