Jordan: Former woman parliamentarian sentenced to 18 months in jail

Women's Learning Partnership
Toujan al-Faisal, an outspoken advocate of free speech, domestic reforms, and women's rights, has been convicted of publishing "lies that hurt the state's integrity and honour," and sentenced to 18 months in jail.
Al-Faisal was first arrested on March 16th after she accused Jordan's prime minister of corruption and the judiciary of being unjust. Court officials say the verdict cannot be appealed. The case went to trial on May 14th where al-Faisal defended herself before a three-man state security tribunal. Her team of lawyers had withdrawn from the case when they felt the judges' rulings were impeding their work. The chief judge in the case, Colonel Tayel al-Raqad, accused al-Faisal of having "exceeded the boundaries of acceptable criticism" before passing sentence. Respond to the alert by the Women's Learning Partnership and express your concern about the court proceedings and sentencing of Toujan al-Faisal.