Palestine/Israel: The human chain

Israeli-Palestinian Peoples' Peace Campaign (IPPPC)
Israeli-Palestinian Peoples' Peace Campaign (IPPPC) declares that in both peoples there are majorities that believe in the possibility for peace based on ending the occupation, on two states for two peoples and on Jerusalem two capitals for two states.
Despite the extremely difficult situation at the present moment, Israelis and Palestinians are nevertheless ready to hold hands because we believe that we are each others’ allies for peace. It is for this reason that the Peoples’ Peace Campaign is calling upon our two peoples to join together with international supporters on June 28 and 29 in a peaceful protest for the cause of peace. Human chains will be formed in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem symbolizing the linkage between all cities, towns and villages of the occupied territories, protesting the ongoing sieges and blockades, and emphasizing our belief that non-violence paves the way to bring about a new era of peace which would comprise freedom, equality, sovereignty and dignity. For more information visit or contact