AWID Forum: Workshop on fundamentalism, globalisation and women's human rights

Association of Women in Development
WLUML, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Shirkat Gah, and the Women’s International Coalition for Economic Justice are running this workshop during the AWID Forum, taking place from 3-6 Ocober in Mexico.
The purpose of the workshop is to share and build understanding of the complicated interaction between globalisation and the rise of fundamentalist thinking and organizing, both North and South and its relationship to the struggle for women’s human rights.

Globalization creates fertile recruiting grounds for conservative "fundamentalist" movements in many parts of the world and also provides the technology to effectively organize and spread their messages. At the same time, processes of globalization promote ideas about women's equality and welfare that fundamentalist groups find inimical. This workshop will facilitate the sharing of experiences of how fundamentalist movements are happening in different parts of the world and how women's organizations are effected. Furthermore, it will consider how, in the wake of September 11, women's human rights are being used opportunistically by pro-globalization forces in their anti-terrorism campaigns.