Factsheet: Violence Against Women - the Missing MDG?

Publication Author: 
Kristina Lanz, Flurina Derungs, Brigitte Schnegg (Interdisciplinary Centre For Gender Studies, University of Bern)
November 2013
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"This paper is the first of a series of three factsheets on different pertinent issues concerning gender equality and sustainable development. In the context of the post-2015 agenda negotia-tions, we asked SDC Gender Focal Points around the world, which issues they deemed to be most important with regards to sustainable development and gender equality. Responses came in from different corners of the earth, highlighting that the main issues people were struggling with in their countries and in their day-to-day work were: Violence against women, political participation and economic empowerment.

The aim of our factsheets is three-fold
 provide practitioners with a theoretical background and indicators on these issues, under-lined with case studies and best-practice examples from their own work
 lance a discussion among practitioners about how VAW can be integrated into their differ-ent thematic domains and fields of action in the most sustainable way
 highlight the importance of these three gender equality issues for the post-2015 agenda and suggest possible indicators for policy makers"
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