International: English narration of the complete Quran by an American woman

Kazi Publications
The first American woman to translate the Sublime Quran into English has now narrated her pioneering translation into an easy and accessible audio book format.
Released during Ramadan, the month of the Quran’s revelation, Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar is once again breaking new ground. Muslims now have the option of downloading and listening to her inclusive translation at work, home, and in between.
As Muslims across the globe read the Quran’s entirety in a mere 30 days, they can now fulfill this obligation and receive sacred nourishment during their daily commute, while eating lunch, or at any moment of the day. Dr. Bakhtiar narration is divided into 30 parts, in order that individual sections may be listened to each day of the month of Ramadan. In a hectic world of busyness, hustle, and time constraints, she has made the Quran accessible to Muslims on-the-go. Utilizing the best of contemporary innovation, she has facilitated Muslims’ spiritual development and religious growth for the twenty-first century.

While previous English translations of the Quran have been presented in a verse-by-verse format which fails to retain the reader’s attention, her narration follows the open flow of the Arabic recitation, without verse or paragraph restrictions. Dr. Bakhtiar recently received an email which emphasized how this change in format can transform the experience of a sacred text and invite one to both read and listen:

Encountering your translation represented a real personal breakthrough for me regarding Islam, or at least Islam as approached through English translation of the Quran. The internal consistency and your attempted avoiding of subjective interpretation worked for me, and as I read more and more, what normally strikes the English only reader as disjointed and theologically fragmented in the Quran gave way to a kind of majesty, a kind of excitement (and unique sadness) I'd never encountered before in any other book. I felt that at last I'd gotten a glimpse of what the Quran means, or at least what it could mean, on a very personal psychological level…Finally, as I was reading to my eight year old at bedtime from your translation, she did something she'd never done before. She stopped me and took the book from my hands so she too could read aloud... There is real power to this translation... Thank you for this book.

Dr. Bakhtiar’s narration can be purchased on Reaching out to the iTunes generation of American Muslims, she has made each 37-42 minute track available for $0.99.


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