Coming Soon… the WELDD Web Portal!

WLUML is delighted to announce the coming launch of the Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation (WELDD) web portal.  In WELDD’s spirit of fostering the empowerment and leadership of women across borders, the portal will be an online hub for sharing information and experiences.

Through its leadership workshops, WELDD has brought together women from around the world to share their stories; their successes, their disappointments, their hopes, their fears.  These times have been precious moments of feminist solidarity.  But between these times, we must not let this bond subside.  It is here that the web portal comes into play.  When we cannot meet in conference rooms, homes, or cafes, we can still meet online.

The web portal will act as a virtual pathway to like-minded people and organisations; a place to share and produce knowledge, and to learn from others’ struggles.  We hope it can be the digital space for solidarity when physical ones elude us.

We also hope the portal will be a place to amplify lesser-heard voices.  The hard, brave, and inspiring work carried out in the remote areas of the world should not stay there. These experiences should be documented and be shared with the world - practitioners, academics, policy makers, and the concerned and curious alike.

Here’s to our new online home!

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The web portal’s blog section, Public Square will be a place for your original writing.  To contribute please email