United Kingdom

The most recent figures from Liverpool maternity services identified 237 women with FGM in three years.
He said there was an argument that aspects of sharia law, such as those involving divorce, financial transactions and the settling of disputes, could be accommodated with British legislation.
The group will include prominent Muslim women to advise the government on rooting out extremism, and to brief on Muslim women's issues.
"What we should learn from forced marriages and 'honour' killings is that we cannot allow cultural relativism to compromise women's human rights."
Les services secrets britanniques veulent recruter plus d’agents issus de minorités ethniques, a confié à la BBC un responsable du MI6 (renseignement extérieur), égratignant au passage le “mythe” de l’espion britannique véhiculé par James Bond.
Un hôpital du nord de l’Angleterre a accepté de tourner vers La Mecque les lits de ses patients musulmans les plus gravement malades qui en font la demande, a annoncé mardi un porte-parole.
Leaders of Muslim groups draw up rules to fight extremists and allow women's rights.
Amnesty International's call for a Day of Action for Pakistan.
Saturday 10 November at 14:00h: Join the mass demonstration outside 10 Downing Street, London.
"Leaving it up to schools to 'behave reasonably' does not really help. The concept lacks precision. What seems reasonable to one individual or group seems unreasonable to another."