The capital city of Sana'a will host a meeting on violence against women on Wednesday, with representatives attending from Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti and Oman.
"Avec ce vote historique, le Yémen peut officiellement déposer son instrument de ratification et devenir ainsi le 105ème Etat partie à la CPI et le quatrième Etat membre de la Ligue arabe à rejoindre la Cour."
A letter from WLUML contacts welcomes the inclusion of Yemen as the fourth member country of the Arab League to the ICC.
Yemen has scored enormous success in reducing its maternal mortality rates and increasing the use of contraception. Advocates turned to the interpretations and assistance from religious leaders to get out the family planning message.
While Yemen struggles to prove it is fertile ground for freedom and democracy, its efforts are often thwarted by ingrained traditions at odds with those concepts.
Experts believe that eradicating female genital mutilation (FGM) in Yemen will be a long and arduous process. The United Nations Childrens fund (UNICEF), estimate that FGM is still practiced on approximately two million girls every year.