We must acknowledge, sit with, and address the sexual violence that has, is, and will occur in and around Tahrir Square. How do we do this work in a responsible and ethical manner that is in solidarity with Egypt's ongoing (and multiple) revolutions? How do we retain and respect political, economic and social complexity in the face of the horrors of mass and public sexual assault?

"I don't see myself as an Egyptian citizen in this constitution. I don't see my future in this constitution," she said.

Abdallah voted against the proposed constitution and now says it must not be left in its current version. It won't be easy to change, she says, but she hopes to see the text challenged through "legal ways and on the streets."

It will pass… a draft of a constitution that doesn’t represent Egyptians or their dreams. A draft that did not engage them in the dialogue for change, which passed just two before the referendum, without giving Egyptians the opportunity to discuss it. When the revolution started, Egyptians looked forward to a time where they could evaluate their beliefs and values, discuss them, even change them and reflect it all in a document that recorded the whole process. But this never happened.

A popular referendum on the current draft of the new Egyptian Constitution has been scheduled for this Saturday, 15 December by President Morsi. As references it makes to the supremacy of Islamic law (Sharia law) can be widely interpreted, if approved, it could restrict and severely undermine women’s and girls’ rights.

تكررت حوادث تعرض الفتيات للتحرش الجماعي، وتطورت أحيانا إلى محاولات اغتصاب في المناطق الميحطة بميدان التحرير وسط القاهرة، ولوضع حد لهذه الظاهرة التي تصمت عليها الحكومة أطلق نشطاء مبادرة من أجل "تحرير" خال من المتحرشين.

There is no room for doubt that violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon that is not exclusive to any specific culture or race. The phenomenon merely manifests itself in varying shapes and degrees in different parts of the world and strikes different nerves in the respective societies. In Egypt, perhaps one of the most glaring indicators of the growth of this phenomenon is sexual violence and the politics of “shaming” Egyptian women.

‘It is appalling that virtually the only references to women relate to the home and family’ - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.

In the evening of June 2nd I found myself heading to Tahrir Square, in the heart of Cairo, with no interest in protesting. I really just wanted to check out the scene – by this point, I was frustrated by the fact that the Egyptian people were not united. Everyone seemed to be looking out for their own interests, rather than the interests of the country and its people.

أم الشهيد".... مازلت أتحسس مكان نومك، لازالت أسمع صوتك المتقطع تأتي قافزا درجات السلم مسرعا "الغدا يا ماما بسرعة عايز ألحق مشواري"، شايفاك وانت بتتخرج، وانتا بتتجوز، لسه ملمس صوابعك على خدي وانت بترضع.


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Mother of the martyr. I still feel the place where you used to sleep, I still hear your voice rising as you skip up the stairs quickly, "I need to have lunch quickly before I go out again,” I still feel your little fingers on my cheek…