Law reform

أنجز مجلس الشورى السعودي التصور النهائي لشكل المشاركة النسائية المتوقعة في أعماله، والتي تنطلق بانطلاقة الدورة السادسة بعد نحو 70 يوما.

المتابع لمسار كتابة الدستور يجد أننا فى فوضى قانونية عظيمة، فاللجنة التى من المفترض أن تكتب الدستور يضربها غياب الشرعية من كل اتجاه، فقد استمدت أساس شرعيتها من مجلس شعب حكم ببطلانه، وهيمن عليها تيار واحد لم نعد نسمع أصواتا معتدلة فيه، وتم تعيين ما يقرب من ثلث المتبقين من أعضائها فى مناصب تنفيذية، ليختتم المشهد بحكم الإحالة إلى الدستورية الأمر الذى يوجب وقفا تعليقيا لأعمال اللجنة لحين انتهاء الدستورية من دراسة القضية وإصدار الحكم حتى لا يجد الشعب نفسه مختطفا كدروع بشرية فى مواجهة حكم الدستورية فى إطار عملية ما يسمى «الدعوة لاستفتاء على دستور منعدم بحكم بطلان اللجنة المؤسسة له»،

Prime Minister Hisham Qandil stated on Sunday using his official Facebook page that his cabinet, along with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the National Council for Women, are working on finding ways to wipe out sexual harassment in Egypt.

وجهت الدكتورة ميرفت تلاوي وكيل الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة ورئيسة المجلس القومي للمرأة‏,‏ انتقادات عنيفة لوضع المرأة والطفل في المسودة الأولية للدستور‏.‏

Kinda Mohamadieh highlights the shortcomings of the last two decades of policy practice in the Arab Region. She looks at the positions of feminist and women’s groups on economic and social rights and policies in the Arab region addressing how to enforce equality and gender justic‘e in the policymaking in the region. She discusses the economic and social demands that lie at the heart of the revolutions witnessed in the Arab region, as well as the challenges to reclaiming citizenship and democracy within a system of global governance tilted to serve a mainstream orthodox economic model. She highlights the need for deepening the perspective and position of feminist and women’s groups on economic and social rights and policies in the Arab region.

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The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law – Sierra Leone (CARL-SL) welcomed the Sierra Leone Parliament’s enactment of the Sexual Offences Act 2012.  In March this year, CARL-SL called on the Sierra Leone Government to step up efforts at enacting both the Sexual Offences Bill and the Legal Aid Bill. The fact that both bills have now been passed into law is significant, and CARL-SL would like to commend the Parliament of Sierra Leone for its timely enactment of the Sexual Offences Act.  

Thousands of Tunisians have rallied to protest against what they see as a push by the Islamist-led government for constitutional changes that would degrade women's status in one of the Arab world's most liberal nations.

When Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was elected in late June, he promised to represent all Egyptians by forming a government inclusive of women, Christians, youth and even artists and intellectuals.

Although the president said he heard the voices of all Egyptians, the much-anticipated government announced last week has proven to be a disappointment for many as a setback to the ideals that propelled the revolution that last year toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Plans are underway to educate more Bahraini and Arab judges on women's social and humanitarian rights.

Arab Women Organisation (AWO) director-general Dr Wadooda Badran said efforts were being made to bridge the gap between realising women's rights and enforcing them in the Arab world.

Now that Algeria has the largest proportion of women lawmakers in the Arab world, workmen at the national assembly building have some urgent modifications to make.

While the men's washroom just outside the debating chamber is clearly marked with the silhouette of a man, there are so far no signs for the women's. On the opening session of the new parliament on May 26, two of the newly elected female members had to ask for directions to the rest-room.