Violence against women

Her reprimand comes in the run-up to a government decision about criminalising forced marriages in Germany, after a recommendation from the upper house of parliament on July 8 that the practice be banned.
Just as Iraqi women were anticipating a new era of democracy and freedom, a wave of intimidation by extremist groups has arisen to crush their hopes.
The UNDF's Fatuma Abdi says circumcision is primarily cultural, not religious: "It is not just the Muslims who are practicing infibulation. It is the Catholics as well."
The symposium provided a forum for women activists from primarily Muslim-majority countries to discuss their experiences facing challenges and creating effective strategies to eliminate violence against women.
Amal was the victim of a so-called 'summer' or 'tourist' marriage, as Yemenis call the unwittingly temporary unions which are having a negative impact on religiously and culturally conservative Yemen society.
Professor Yakin Ertürk, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on violence against women, its causes and consequences, issued the following statement in Kabul today at the end of a visit to Afghanistan.
We condemn the 'fatwa' issued by the Dar ul Uloom Deobandi, in the case of the rape by the father-in-law of Imrana of Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.
Plusieurs associations féminines ont appelé hier, dans un communiqué commun, à faire du 13 juillet une journée nationale contre les violences à l’égard des femmes.
The United Nations expert on violence against women, on a 10-day fact-finding mission to Afghanistan, has interviewed female prisoners in Kabul and Kandahar.
Pour aller vers l'égalité et l'équité en matière de genre, le gouvernement mauritanien a décidé, avec l'appui du FNUAP, de procéder à une analyse de la situation sur les violences faites aux femmes, a-t-on appris lundi de source officielle à Noukachott.